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The hours spent at Christmas avoiding doing essays and revision were instead spent reliving my Disney years (well, weeks):

I've met up with Rosie, Claire, Charlotte (C, or Crossa) and Danielle since in Liverpooooool (around October time). Spent the night drinking cocktails and dancing away with many tunes making us go 'OMG DISNEY' (Umbrella/ Rockstar/ Beautiful Girls. Nickelback's Rockstar has just come out over here and they play it EVERYWHERE they can. Each time it makes me think of summer and nobody can quite understand why I get so excited every time I hear it. Especially because's it crap. Ditto with The Broomstick Song, which was something Char introduced me to out there so it makes me think of her. I think I've sent her many texts going 'OMG BROOMSTICK' at 2am as a result. I know she loves it).

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The Little Mermaid

The Happily Ever After

Well I guess the Journal deserves a conclusion of My Very Last Day/s, even if I would rather be back in Vista writing this. OK, so I'm currently able to use DECENT internet from my amazingly comfortable double bed, but right now I would give that, the bacon sandwiches, the roast I'm to have tonight, just to be back there for a little bit longer...

Still, I can't, so might as well get on with the update.

Wednesday: Last day at work! I did pretty much all my clothes packing, leaving my wardrobe depressingly empty, then got the F Bus in uniform for the Very Last Time. Got into work and had to exchange some presents so snuck out into Princess room to find Amy already finished and doing her present shopping, Jordan skiving off being a line guide, and Charlotte away from her register. The last day had officially begun. Did all my exchanges then went to pawn them off onto Amy so I didn't have to drag them to Buffalo's later that night. Got a fair few stickers from Charlotte then went to clock in for the Last Ever Time. Hung about in the break time for as long as possible before getting my last assignment, putting me in good old Carnival. Was working with Stewart at first, though, and then Marie, so that was cool. I think they were being nice to us on our last day, and not making us work with all the new CPs with all their questions. (Seriously, I know I'd worked with tills before so was slightly more used to the system, but they do seem to ask a ridiculous amount of questions with Very Obvious answers. There is No Need). Anyway few hours whizzed by as there was barely time to think- trade seems to have perked up again. Unfortunately this meant no time to make the most of it being our last day by doing naff all.

Then came break and my last trip to cast McDonalds for mm-mm Chicken Strips. My arteries are probably half as wide as when I started working here... Managed to stretch out breaktime over a good 45 minutes or so of break with Claire, Rachel, Krystina, Raul and later Artan all there. Most of whom were not actually on break. WOD really does suck your work ethic from you. Went back downstairs to be told by Ena that I was closing registers, which means I can't remember who my Last Guest Ever was, as I was more excited about going on break at the time and thought I'd be back on registers later. Still, time flies when you're closing so that was fine. Was really weird though as at one point I was out back counting registers then half of the ICP crew leaving came in to clock out. Charlotte was actually in tears, bless her. It was really, really surreal, watching them leave for the last time. And then all they got from a manager was 'well... good luck... been nice having you... we'll miss you... bye'. The other day Robert (another of the umpteen managers we have here) said good luck and bye to Ben and Jennifer who are leaving on Thursday. The looks exchanged between the rest of us could kill. I think he noticed. Oh well.

So, pulled a couple more registers and then the store proved too busy to take any more, so Lynette took me out back for my final evaluation. She was all like 'I can't believe you're going, I thought you had longer, etc', and then was really sweet about how well I'd done at the job, how good I was with guests, etc. I think she may have me confused with someone else, but not complaining as my overall evaluation came out as 'exceeds expectations', which is quite impressive considering my 45 minute breaks and Disney Expectations from customer service. I'll certainly be making sure future employers see it from now on anyway! (Also, how I got 'meets expectations' for attendance I'll never know considering I got my first reprimand for skiving on Sunday (4 days of in 30 days- you're allowed 3)... Although apparently only getting one reprimand is a pretty good achievement for ICPs, so score!)

Finally finished the day on doors in EDR (not quite as fun (or bad, depending on how you look at it) as being on doors in one of the other rooms as there are less people begging you to get in that you get to turn down for being so silly as to think that we'll make a special exception for them, and let them in 1 1/2 hours after store close. Read the opening times people!). Then Rachel and I both finished. Clocking out for the last time was weird. I printed off my last ever bump out slip, and the last ever picture of Mickey saying 'Thank you for helping make the magic', said goodbye to a few people, and then that was it. Out the door for the last time. Goodbye WOD. Much as I moaned about how much I couldn't be bothered with work, the hours, the guests... a lot of stuff... I'm really going to miss that place. Especially the people. But trying to put on a brave face, the two of us went off to Buffalo to meet up with the lucky ones who finished earlier. I was able to leave my sexy $20 Wal*Mart trainers in the Cast Building changing room which felt a little weird. Had to pay $10 to get into Buffalo because we're u-21 for ONE HOUR of bar time left. I hate being under 21- one plus about being back in the UK I suppose. Buffalo was much fun, with pretty much all of the work crew being there, and Charlotte and Amy dancing along to Spice Up Your Life... a good way to finish our last night as Disney Cast Members. Went home to Vista on the F bus for the last time, said goodbye to Darren, which was weird as it didn't feel like a 'we may never see you again' type goodbye at all, more of a 'we'll see you tomorrow, but say nice things right now anyway'. Sad though, as while he's a Brit at heart, he now goes to university in Utah so we're pretty much guaranteed to never see him again. I hate goodbyes.

Thursday morning came all too soon. Picked up our Last Ever Paychecks bright and early (I got up at 8 to do this. 8. Ridiculous) then went to cast them at Vista Credit Union. Got a nice amount of money. However, most of this went on last minute purchases, as our (Heather, Charlotte T's, mine and Alicia's, anyway) next stop was Magic Kingdom to soak up the atmosphere one last time. Went on the front seat of the monorail, naturally, got another co-pilot's license (I'll be a fully fledged monorail driver one day), and then roamed the Kingdom. First we got photos taken infront of the castle- the obligatory Tinkerbell in hand photo (which they must have suddenly just made possible for everyone again, as up until recently you had to beg them to do it for you), and then a photo of us jumping outside the castle which has to be my favourite photo of the entire trip. One of the photopass people even commented on how cute an idea it was when we went to get them printed off afterwards. Maybe I have a new career ahead in photopass photography? Actually, that would be pretty cool. Now all I need is my green card.

We then went to Pinnochio's Village House for some pizza (SO good), then went to Toontown to see if the photos had come out yet. They hadn't. Went to Tomorrowland so Alicia could get her book back from her workmates (it's like a tradition to buy an autograph book and get all your friends to write in it so you can read back over their messages and tear up in years to come). We then backtracked to Fantasyland for a round on the teacups, some of Mrs. Pott's ice-cream, and Philharmagic as our Last Ride, which signalled the start of the last day tears. We then went to Fronteirland, where Heather sent Alicia into Splash to buy her some Splash Mountain pyjamas (she worked in the photo shop there, and didn't want to go in herself and have to say goodbye again, understandably). Then it was a last look at Fronteirland before we made our way to Main Street (ie The Emporium) and did some last minute shopping both there and in the photopass shop. And then it was time to go. By this time we were running later that we'd intended, and had graduation in two hours, so decided to get a taxi as the A bus can take an hour to get us home and much changing and preparing was needed for our last night together! So we got back to Vista quickly enough and it was time for a quick shower and general change, before heading off to the Commons for our Graduation.

Graduation basically involved getting our social security numbers, a certificate, free drinks and of course OUR GRADUATION EARS/ meeting Graduation Mickey. But after that we felt a bit crowded, so after much photo taking we decided it was about time to head off to Magic Kingdom. Got ourselves to Chatham to find an A Bus waiting, and a whole crew- people I haven't seen properly since the airport, etc- got on it. We got to Magic Kingdom just in time for Spectro, but seeing as none of us are really fans of that parade we made the most of it by using the time to get our names embroided (for free- they must've lost so much profit that night!) on the back of our hats, get some more photopass photos/ fudge/ ice cream, etc. And then it was time to get into position for Wishes...

My God, I know Wishes makes you cry, but not that much. At first it was a few tears trickling down my face. But then that damn Hercules song started playing. I can go the distance. And that was it. We (well, Charlottes I and T, myself and Alicia- Heather and other Charlotte (these were the only members of the group we hadn't managed to lose by this point!- were stoical and just watched the fireworks, goddam them) were pretty much hysterical. Really, really sad. And then we all split up for a last time as Charlotte I wanted some photos infront of the castle, but Charlotte T wanted some last minute gifts, so we headed our separate ways, myself with Charlotte T. We made our way through the Emporium for the last time, and then ended up in the centre of Town Square, right at the bottom of Main Street. And for ages we just stood there, silent, staring at the castle at the top of main street, where it all began. It was just too hard to turn around quite yet. But eventually, and strangely in unison (it really was a very surreal night) we made our way out under the railroad for the very last time, back to the reality of the joyless queue to get out of the park. Our very last monorail ride to the TTC, our very last A Bus (and any bus) trip home, and a silent walk back to our apartments. I then sat in my apartment for ages, not wanting it to be the next day because that meant it was time to go home. Unfortunately the need for sleep eventually won out, and bedtime it was.

Friday rolled around. I got up early, did my last minute packing in a mad rush. Cleaned out the apartment and was informed that our transport had arrived an hour early, which made the rush even madder. Then people started leaving our apartment so it was a huge last hug goodbye, which was horrible, and then another dash around to make sure we had everything. Said goodbye to my sexy costume, then had a last look around 3408 before dragging our suitcases to the clubhouse- a much easier task than the first time as I'd swapped the broken ones with the parentals for working ones when they'd visited. And then it was our final goodbyes with those who were going on later flights or off visiting other areas of the country- the Amys, Karen, Kate, Charlotte I. That was horrible, especially Amy considering how much time we've spent together both in and out of WOD the last few weeks. And then it was time to leave Vista for the very last time :(

Thankfully, for us checking in went smoothly. I feel so sorry for anyone who was supposed to be on the later Gatwick flight as it was delayed for 24 hours because of technical faults- pretty shocking for a major company like Virgin IMO, especially as there must be so many people on there needing to get back for school/uni tomorrow, let alone normal work. Charlotte T, Heather, Alicia, Danielle, Charlotte C and I all waited around together in the airport lounge until it was time for Charlotte T and I to go and wait for our flight to board. More horrible, horrible goodbyes. But we found Jordan in the waiting area for our flight and planned the story that Charlotte's to sell to the Daily Mail for NO LESS than £30,000 should he fulfill his dream of being on BB9 next year. Affair on the catwalk and amongst the snowglobes in Cindy's Closet. You read it here first.

Leaving everyone at the airport was so hard- I kinda felt sorry for all our parents as we were all in floods of tears about having to be home, not quite the welcome they'd expected, I'm sure! England is so COLD. And so GREY. I swear the view from our house was not so dull before I left, but apparently nothing's changed. It was enough to make me want to jump right back on the next plane to Orlando. At that point I could work for $6.67 for the rest of my life, so long as I could escape this place. Unfortunately immigration would have something to say about that, so I'm still here...

And that was that. Amy's Disney Adventure came to an ending. And she lived happily ever after...

The End
Part Of Your World

Almost there

It's my last ever shift at good ol' WOD today. And you know what, I think I'm actually going to be quite upset when I leave. Despite the 10-hours-as-standard shifts, the working until 2am most nights, how disorganised the managers are, how stupid some people can be ("Do you sell toy lemurs?" has to be one of my favourites. Just normal Lemurs with no Disney theming to them or anything... Oh, and "Where's the black duck? Daffy?"/ "Do you sell Universal Studios tickets here?" rank quite highly. We may be the biggest Disney store in the world, but the 'Disney' part of that description is fairly important, oddly enough...). But the fact is, I've met some absolutely ace people while working here, that made coming into work every day barable- and actually fun a lot of the time. I'm actually really going to miss our super-long-breaks, random trips to the cast McDonalds because bagels went funny before you got to them, 40 minute waits for the F bus after finishing at 2am, often while surrounded with drunkards from House of Blues/PI (Pleasure Island for those not in the know, the strip of clubs Disney owns. Currently 21+ and apparently going to 18+ on the 1st September. Rubbish...) who don't understand that after a 2 o'clock finish you're really not that interested in speaking (well, listening) to them and their Amazing Drunken Tales. Most of all I'm just going to miss the general banter and chat that went down- when you end up spending five or six days a week, up to 10 hours a day with the same people you really do get pretty damn close to them...

And that all ends tonight. I probably won't even get any of my breaks at the same time as people today as I'm on reg (no choice in when I go) AND I only get one break because it's a six hour shift. Rubbish. Apart from the six-hour shift part. Still, off to Buffalo after, even if it's only for an hour, and EVERYONE should be there so that'll be fun/ interesting (from what it sounds like, Bufallo= extreme intoxication so I'm sure everyone'll be a bit of a state by the time I'm there.)

I don't want it to be the end. If I hadn't got it into my head that Friday is It, and if it was possible on our visa (which it isn't) I would so extend right now. Providing everyone else was, anyway- I can't imagine being here without all the people I've met. I don't want to leave here and them at all. Oh God, I'm going to be such a state tomorrow, I can see it!

Anything else to report? Um, Friday= work from 3:30- 2. It was alright though, as 2 hours of 'Basics Training' was involved, which was basically going through the Four Disney Basics (I project a positive image and energy/ I am courteous and respectful to all guests, including children/ I stay in character and play the part/ I go above and beyond) and saying how we could achieve each one. To be honest, it was a bit of a waste of time considering people in the UK would give you seriously odd looks if you used Disney Standard Customer Service over there, and by this point we only had five scheduled shifts left, it was still better than being on register for an extra two hours and was actually a bit of a laugh.

Saturday? Haha, Saturday every single ICP leaving today (with the except of one- and no, that wasn't me) came down with a mysterious illness/ had some personal crisis. Strange coincidence. To solve my personal crisis I laid by the pool/ went to Olive Garden with Heather and Charlotte, went to visit Amy/Kate/etc who were playing beer pong (more like vodka pong) but didn't join in because I'm too good/ was knackered, then went back to Charlotte's, where she, Heather and I decided to test out the coloured hot chocolate she'd bought (pink/purple/blue, with the princesses on the front). Tip: never buy it. Ever. Or if you do, use it for decorative purposes only (the boxes are pretty cute). It tastes like warmed-up-gone-off milk. Yum. Still, was a really nice evening. Despite being in the midst of a personal crisis/ have a severe illness.

Of course on Sunday there was some biteback at work, but, thankfully, all in good humour. One of the product managers, Jim, was convinced we'd all been at a party (the fact that Claire, an English ICP but here until January, had ERed yesterday did not help the situation...) and kept asking us how our heads were/ what had been our drink of choice the night before. Apparently one of the managers had been so convinced that we'd be living it up in Vista that they were just about ready to get in their car and drive over to us to catch us all at it. Oh how I'd've loved it if they had done and found nothing. Mwhaha. Worked 1-11 on GHN (hats & t-shirts) stock, which was alright, but something of a pain in the arse considering all the novelty hats that you have to have a photo in are there, and of course they get seriously messed up. I could've spent my whole night walking around that stand putting everything back in its 'rightful' place. I didn't, because that would not have been fun, but I could have done.

Monday. More work. Only 7-2 though, so I went last minute shopping in Downtown Disney beforehand. Then found out that Ben had kindly obliged to my request and put me in Princess. Yay. Not so yay? I was in Zone 3 on my own. Zone 3 now has a whole wall of High School Musical merchandise. High School Musical is HUGE. Wall got messy. And I was having to get all my own stock as none of the scanners were working, which takes at least half an hour at a time off the shop floor. So I'd be whizzing around upstairs, bringing the stock down, tidying what I could, running around getting the stock out, going back upstairs, etc, etc, for the whole shift. I don't think I've ever worked so hard in my life! But it looked alrihgt in the end, so never mind.

Then yesterday I lay in, before lounging by the pool for a couple of hours, where Amy and Charlotte T joined me. Worked 3:30-2 in Magic (Home goods) which was slow, so I passed the time by spending about 45 minutes at a time getting stock from upstairs. And some slightly-long breaks as well. Oh, and every room seemed to be done by about 1:15 so we ended up going round the store doing the obligatory tourist poses. In costume. They are some super-flattering photos.

And today? It's time to pack before my last day in Disney tomorrow... I actually can't believe how fast it's all come around; it really doesn't seem like long since we all met in the sports bar in Gatwick, no idea of what to expect. And now it's almost all over. 10 weeks gone just like *that*.

That's it, I'm hijacking Cinderella's castle and living there forever. So long as nobody tells immigration it'll be alright, I'm sure. You can all come visit me in my luxury pad and everything... Ace for parties. Pretty good view, I can imagine.

Better go get my bags sorted for it still, though. I don't know if I'll have a chance to update again before I get home as tomorrow's set to be pretty hectic, and then I'm out of here by 11 on Friday so this is most likely it until you get a depressed "I'm home" message on Saturday. So until then

Have a magical day, y'all
Pirate's Life For Me


To any of you Disney people: a couple of questions

1. Do they take your company ID off of you before the last day?
2. If so, is there anywhere decent you can see AND hear Wishes from that isn't a restaurant, outside of the park. Or do you reckon any of the restaurants would let us in if we told them it was our last day here as Cast Members, etc, etc?

Thankye for any help!
'Everything The Light Touches...'

It's almost time...

This time next week the time on my computer (not changed from GMT out of sheer laziness) will be correct...

I will most likely be lounging (moping) jet-lagged around the house, freezing cold. Yesterday I walked back from Charlotte (T)'s flat at midnight- a time when it's usually a pretty nice heat- and I was freezing. Admittedy it had just been raining but still, I was cold. The low yesterday? It can't have been more than the low 20s (Centigrade, not Fahrenheit. It wouldn't be suprising if I was shivering away in 20 degrees Fahrenheit). That's hot at home. That's the temperature that means Hinksey gets full and the clothes get shorter. Here it's when I pull on a jumper.

On the bright side, I'm looking forward to being back to having proper, GOOD food (roast dinner with lots of PROPER veg on Sunday, please, Mum. Curry on Saturday? Done. I love you). And Twirls. And non-sweet bread (that doesn't somehow go seven weeks without even getting the slightest bit of mould. It scares me that this is actually possible). And BACON that isn't primarily made out of fat. Bacon sandwich on proper brown bread with all the bits in. Yum.

But still, to get all of this I have to leave the Happiest Place on Earth. Where my daily routine consists of going to Magic Kingdom before work, just because I can. Where boredom can be solved by a quick bus ride to meet Mickey and Minnie, or if you're feeling a little more lazy, a dip in the pool a two-minute walk away. Where it's cool to be excited by a giant dog and where seeing a princess on your way to work (or, in my case, when mooching around backstage areas) is simply the norm. Where a couple of Mickey Mouse sticker can solve every problem a child might have at that particular moment. Where you can do the simplist of things to make people feel special and happy every single day. Where the people you work and play with are some of the best people you'll ever meet.

Yeah I may moan about my job sometimes. It's long hours, it's crap pay, and there are some guests/managers/co-workers who must've been at the back of the queue when Tinkerbell was handing out pixie dust. But you know what, I wouldn't swap this summer for the World. I would keep the overnight and twelve-hour shifts and the times when all I wanted to do was hop on the next flight home and the times I've just wanted to scream at the stupidity and rudeness of the guest infront of me. Because those little things have totally made me appreciate the good times even more. And there have been plenty of really good times that I'll remember forever.

Don't get me wrong, I can't wait to see everyone back at home. But right now, I wish I could live here, watching Wishes and playing in the parks and making other people smile and smiling myself, forever.
Alice in Wonderland

Amy's Grand (Floridian) Day Out

More than once a week? I know, I'm spoiling you- you'd better appreciate it. So, what's to report?

Well, Monday I wanted a bit of a relaxing day due to the fact that I was working 11:30pm- 9am (yes, I did get the am/pm bit the right way round there) that night. So Heather and I decided to check out the Grand Floridian, which is the most posh Disney hotel. And also the most expensive. By expensive, read: $315 a night at least, WITH Disney's 40% discount according to prices on the Hub. Unfortunately this meant that my curious price checking could become no more than just that.

Anyway, it's absolutely GORGEOUS. We were walking around in complete awe of the whole place. It has two pools- one with proper mattress-type-things on the loungers, and the other with a super-cool slide, there's a beach, a wedding pavillion- after seeing that I can totally understand why people would choose to get married there. I still couldn't quite bring myself to have a Disney Wedding, but it is absolutely gorgeous- it's on the edge of a beach, and there's a window at the top of the pavillion which looks out over the lagoon, Cinderella castle in the background.

Also at the Grand Floridian are SPEED BOATS that Cast Members can rent for about $13 for half an hour. Oh my God they were so much fun! Heather and I went slightly mentalist, going in the tightest circles possible which means the passenger is basically IN the water as the boat goes up on it's side, and speeding down the lagoon at the fastest the thing would go (and that's damn fast) but if in a boy-racer type vehicle then one does as boy-racers do, right?

And THEN, after relaxing by the pool and on the beach for ages (sipping our lovely, but unfortunately non-alcoholic, cocktails) we went for AFTERNOON TEA. Proper afternoon tea, with triangular sandwiches and scones with jam and cream and trifle! And tea! Oh it was so immense, though you could feel the servers chuckling at our need to photographically document pretty much everything we ate. But it was so ace! I bought my first pin (with ALICE on it :D) to commemorate the occasion.

We then laid out by the pool some more and went back to the beach before we had to go back so I could get a little bit of shut eye before the overnight shift of joy.

And what a joyous shift it was. The reason for making us all do the thing? Inventory- ie counting everything in the entire store. Including hundreds of postcards/pens/individual rings chucked into big boxes. It was wonderful. Luckily I was in the same "team" as Jordan (come on team Beige (what a motivational colour... It soon morphed into team tan, though, which has a much better ring to it I feel) and because neither of us had scanners which worked we had to do manual counting for others to scan the numbers in, so could pretty much stick together which made the whole thing slightly more bareable. It did get a bit ridiculous at about 6am (when it was getting light again...) though- we all started to get hysterical over nothing which meant there was no way we could check that the numbers put down for the china mugs we were assigned to were right for fear of breaking them, so we just ended up ticking it all. So really the whole thing was a waste of time as half of them probably aren't right, and I know that I, for one, do 'taxable catchall' for items that don't have a tag but I know the price for, which means it won't register that we've sold them anyway. Riidiculous.

Even more ridiculous was that, after getting home at 10, and sleeping until about 4, we had to get up again to go to work from 7-2. And I got to be in GHS which I fricking HATE as it's womens clothing and the person who's always in that room is a pain in the arse and treats you as if you've never done stock before. I was SO not in the mood. But oh well. 2 o'clock rolled around soon enough which meant TIME FOR TWO DAYS OFF. Woo!

So yesterday Charlotte T and I decided to do our two favourite parks; MGM and Magic Kingdom. Went to MGM first and did the Backlot tour (which was done at a pretty good time as we went past 'Lights, Motors, Action'- the car stunt show- while it was on, so got a good close up of the action), went to the muppets shop where I bought a super-cute bag with Kermit on... Oh AND we met the yellow and pink Power Rangers :D Memories! Except the red ranger's costume was all wrong and different from when we were wrong. Bah. Still, I have morphed with the Yellow Power Ranger. How super-cool am I?

We then went through the walk-through bit of One Man's Dream, about Walt Disney, before going to see Voyage of the Little Mermaid which was so cute! Loved it. I think I may have a slight obsession. Oh well.

This was followed by Tower of Terror, which I think I love even though it scares me to death. Even when they open the doors at the end and say 'welcome back' makes me jump- but who wouldn't be shaken up after a trip to the Twilight Zone?? I wish I worked there though, would be such a fun job to have. Is it sadistic and wrong that I want a job purely because I want be able to scare people?

After that we hopped on a bus to the Magic Kingdom, getting there just in time to grab a hot-dog from Casey's (so good) and find a spot for the parade, which I love. Even if the music is in my head more than 24 hours later. After that we did Dumbo, as Charlotte hadn't been able to do it yet, and went to meet Donald, Daisy and Minnie as she hadn't met Donald yet, which is something of a travesty. Then I got a mini-customised umbrella from Liberty Square (one of those cute material ones, like Mary Poppins has in Jolly Holiday), with Amy on 3 sections and 'ICP 2007' on the other- my personalised souveneir. Next was a trip to Adventureland for the sole purpose of getting some pineapple juice, which turned out to be an ace plan as it resulted in us meeting Timon and Rafiki, Mr. Smee AND the Genie. The Genie was absolutely brilliant as well- kept playing games with us, trying to make Charlotte dance and wouldn't let us go at the end; the photopass photographer actually applauded him afterwards, he put on such a good show! There's a reason why he's the best Disney character. Anyways, after that we were going to go on Thunder Mountain, but it was a 40 minute wait so we decided to go shopping on Main Street instead. Ended up buying a photoframe which is SO cute, and I have an idea of a photo I plan to beg a photopass photographer to do for us on the last day... Abuse their skills? Me? As if..!

After that it was time to come home, and quickly changed before going out to dinner at the Olive Garden with Charlotte's flatmate Maebh, and Charlottes T and I. Oh my God, it was SO good! On par with House of Blues, but SO much cheaper- free salad with the entreé, (which, for me, was tuscan garlic chicken pasta- amazing stuff) and then another M&S-style chocolate pudding which was also absolutely gorgeous- so just a generally damn good day all round.

Then this morning I went to the Premium Outlets with Charlotte T. Ended up spending way too much money on a purse, dress, denim skirt and top (the latter two from Guess, for $20 and $30 respectively- how good is that?! £10 for a denim skirt is damn good wherever it's from, but from Guess?! Woop). And now I'm off out to dinner again at some steakhouse which is meant to be super-nice, before going to see Wishes. So an excellent few days off all round= very happy Amy.

And now only six scheduled shifts left :O :O

Photos to come, but now time to get ready to go out. Quick change ahoy!
Alice in Wonderland

(no subject)

I got my last ever schedule today... What's more, it's not even TOO bad:
Sunday: 1-11 (potential for HOB-ness, woohoo!)
Monday: 7-2 (my favourite, plenty of time to take photos of the place!)
Tuesday: 3:30-2 (not so good, but my last chance to go round taking photos..!)
Wednesday: 6:30- 00:30 (would rather be there until 2 if everyone else is, but I'm not going to complain about a 6 hour shift!)

All on stock except Wednesday too, which means I can take advantage of the length of my breaks/ go around taking photos. Might ask to be switched to stock on Wednesday too... surely they should grant me my last wish seeing as it's the year of a million dreams and all ;)

On the downside, work is really weird at the moment. All the American CPs and some Mexicans left a week ago, and Wednesday was the last day for a lot of the ICPs, including Pierre, who was one of the people who made work just... fun. Always joking around and stuff. Work is so weird without them all- it's only the Canadians, the Spring Advantage ICPs and the people who started at the same time as us left now... Even weirder is that a load of new CPs were shipped in literally a couple of days after the old lot left, and they'll all start their training this week. So next week when they're all on their own is going to feel so odd, as it'll be like there's this whole new lot of people just starting their adventure as we finish ours... I can imagine it being a little like we're not supposed to be their any more. Meh. Still, only nine scheduled days left of work. Can't quite believe it. Much like I often still can't believe I'm actually here. Like today, when Vicki sent round a thing about meeting up for Vietnam I both thought a) if they arrange that for two weeks time I could actually go, and b) if I can't go... it's because I'm in Florida. And everyone else is at home. How exactly did I manage that?

Life update-wise, most of last week was spent sunbathing by the pool due to early starts (and late finishes) at work. Wednesday, however= Seaworld with Charlotte T, which was ace. Saw all the animals and rode Kraken, which was ace. Came home and it was a quick change before going round to Kate & Amy's for some High School Musical Uno-themed drinking games (yes, alcohol-involved. SHOCK!). I may or may not have been forced to eat bread before even leaving the house (this is what lack of alcohol + humidity does to you, folks. No tolerance whatsoever any more!). So then us two, Rosie, Charlotte C, Camilla and I went off on the Vista Party Bus to Makos. With a Midgit. Who poured drinks down our throats (they didn't care for the 21+ drinking rule much) and made Char & Amy do body shots off of one another. Stewart (work Stewart) was also on the bus, also rather red-in-the-face from alcohol! Anyways, got to Makos, which was sleazy as ever. The girls were wearing even less this time- their tops were actually painted on. I didn't notice this for a while, either, which either shows that whoever was doing the painting was rather talented, or I was just that far gone. I'm going for the latter. Had our night fuelled mostly by some corporate businessman in the "vip" (tiny circle at the top of the balcony- perfect meat-market spot...) section of the club, who just kept buying massive jugs of vodka and cranberry juice and letting us loose on them (and the one of the Makos girls made him buy me & Rosie a shot before we disappeared about 10 seconds later. Ha!). To be fair, that was probably quite a stupid thing to do but it made for a fun night all the same. Oh and I got a little bit close with a Charlie from Busted lookalike (with less eyebrows). Fun times...

Thursday was spent sleeping/recovering/laying by the pool, until it was time to wonder on down to the pool party to welcome new CPs. Except for us it was more time to say goodbye to the people leaving the next day, which was horrible. All these people celebrating, and there's us all like 'I'm never going to see you again'. Bleh. Still, there was free pizza, drinks and cookies so it wasn't all bad. We (Rosie, Danielle, Charlotte C and I) then went to Magic Kingdom to eat ice cream, see Wishes and then go on all the kiddie rides in Fantasyland such as Snow White's Scary Adventures, Winnie The Pooh, It's A Small World (naturlich) and the teacups, which were nauseating (I can't spell...) So a fun night all round, really.

Friday= Went to Magic Kingdom with Charlotte C to meet Ariel and do some shopping in the morning. Came back for about 1, then did my favourite 3:30-2 shift, which actually went reasonably fast. I don't know why, but work never seems to drag too much any more. Now I've said that, you can guarantee that today will go by slow as anything.

Saturday. Went to Norway for a Princess Breakfast which was ACE; met Belle, Aurora, Snow White, Ariel (in the dress she wears when she has that first dinner with Eric/his Dad, or I think that's the point we decided it appears) and Jasmine. The food wasn't half bad either- fruit and pastries and SCRAMBLED EGG, SAUSAGE AND BACON! Not proper bacon, unfortunately, but it was still PROPER ENGLISH BREAKFAST FOOD. I was quite excited, and I don't think being in the prescence of princesses helped. Of course all this excitement made me a little ill, so I couldn't go to work yesterday. A shame. Instead I ended up going to Typhoon Lagoon. Heather was actually off so she got us in for half price. We don't get into the water parks for free- utter cheek. Of course as divine retribution for mine and Charlotte's phoning in, naturally she hurt her foot (really badly) as soon as we entered the wave pool. So we last about 2 hours there before coming home. Was knackered so gave Beaches & Cream/Kitchen Sink a miss and ate pizza with the flat girlies instead. It was good pizza. Watched Girls of the Playboy Mansion and was very glad that I'd phoned in. Woo!

Today I work 1-11:30 on stock and reg. Can't wait...

But still, the feeling of wanting to go home and being done with the whole work thing is gone now. I really don't want to leave- I'm going to be so sad when I have to say goodbye to everyone here. Not that I don't want to see everyone at home, but being here for ten weeks was just like a uni term, without the option of going home for a night or two if you were upset, or tired, or just felt like you wanted to. As a result, you end up just getting so close to all the people you're here with... I can't believe that in a few weeks we all have to go our separate ways, meeting up for reunions (hopefully) now and again, but otherwise that'll be it. It's so sad. Basically my attitude at the moment is 'excited to be going, sad to be leaving'.

Still, there's a whole two weeks to go, so that's not worth thinking about quite yet, and plenty lined up that I have to do in that time. And now I should probably start getting ready for work (we all know this means I'm going to potter around on Facebook for another hour though).

More updates to come soon I'm sure.