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It's almost time...

This time next week the time on my computer (not changed from GMT out of sheer laziness) will be correct...

I will most likely be lounging (moping) jet-lagged around the house, freezing cold. Yesterday I walked back from Charlotte (T)'s flat at midnight- a time when it's usually a pretty nice heat- and I was freezing. Admittedy it had just been raining but still, I was cold. The low yesterday? It can't have been more than the low 20s (Centigrade, not Fahrenheit. It wouldn't be suprising if I was shivering away in 20 degrees Fahrenheit). That's hot at home. That's the temperature that means Hinksey gets full and the clothes get shorter. Here it's when I pull on a jumper.

On the bright side, I'm looking forward to being back to having proper, GOOD food (roast dinner with lots of PROPER veg on Sunday, please, Mum. Curry on Saturday? Done. I love you). And Twirls. And non-sweet bread (that doesn't somehow go seven weeks without even getting the slightest bit of mould. It scares me that this is actually possible). And BACON that isn't primarily made out of fat. Bacon sandwich on proper brown bread with all the bits in. Yum.

But still, to get all of this I have to leave the Happiest Place on Earth. Where my daily routine consists of going to Magic Kingdom before work, just because I can. Where boredom can be solved by a quick bus ride to meet Mickey and Minnie, or if you're feeling a little more lazy, a dip in the pool a two-minute walk away. Where it's cool to be excited by a giant dog and where seeing a princess on your way to work (or, in my case, when mooching around backstage areas) is simply the norm. Where a couple of Mickey Mouse sticker can solve every problem a child might have at that particular moment. Where you can do the simplist of things to make people feel special and happy every single day. Where the people you work and play with are some of the best people you'll ever meet.

Yeah I may moan about my job sometimes. It's long hours, it's crap pay, and there are some guests/managers/co-workers who must've been at the back of the queue when Tinkerbell was handing out pixie dust. But you know what, I wouldn't swap this summer for the World. I would keep the overnight and twelve-hour shifts and the times when all I wanted to do was hop on the next flight home and the times I've just wanted to scream at the stupidity and rudeness of the guest infront of me. Because those little things have totally made me appreciate the good times even more. And there have been plenty of really good times that I'll remember forever.

Don't get me wrong, I can't wait to see everyone back at home. But right now, I wish I could live here, watching Wishes and playing in the parks and making other people smile and smiling myself, forever.
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