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Almost there

It's my last ever shift at good ol' WOD today. And you know what, I think I'm actually going to be quite upset when I leave. Despite the 10-hours-as-standard shifts, the working until 2am most nights, how disorganised the managers are, how stupid some people can be ("Do you sell toy lemurs?" has to be one of my favourites. Just normal Lemurs with no Disney theming to them or anything... Oh, and "Where's the black duck? Daffy?"/ "Do you sell Universal Studios tickets here?" rank quite highly. We may be the biggest Disney store in the world, but the 'Disney' part of that description is fairly important, oddly enough...). But the fact is, I've met some absolutely ace people while working here, that made coming into work every day barable- and actually fun a lot of the time. I'm actually really going to miss our super-long-breaks, random trips to the cast McDonalds because bagels went funny before you got to them, 40 minute waits for the F bus after finishing at 2am, often while surrounded with drunkards from House of Blues/PI (Pleasure Island for those not in the know, the strip of clubs Disney owns. Currently 21+ and apparently going to 18+ on the 1st September. Rubbish...) who don't understand that after a 2 o'clock finish you're really not that interested in speaking (well, listening) to them and their Amazing Drunken Tales. Most of all I'm just going to miss the general banter and chat that went down- when you end up spending five or six days a week, up to 10 hours a day with the same people you really do get pretty damn close to them...

And that all ends tonight. I probably won't even get any of my breaks at the same time as people today as I'm on reg (no choice in when I go) AND I only get one break because it's a six hour shift. Rubbish. Apart from the six-hour shift part. Still, off to Buffalo after, even if it's only for an hour, and EVERYONE should be there so that'll be fun/ interesting (from what it sounds like, Bufallo= extreme intoxication so I'm sure everyone'll be a bit of a state by the time I'm there.)

I don't want it to be the end. If I hadn't got it into my head that Friday is It, and if it was possible on our visa (which it isn't) I would so extend right now. Providing everyone else was, anyway- I can't imagine being here without all the people I've met. I don't want to leave here and them at all. Oh God, I'm going to be such a state tomorrow, I can see it!

Anything else to report? Um, Friday= work from 3:30- 2. It was alright though, as 2 hours of 'Basics Training' was involved, which was basically going through the Four Disney Basics (I project a positive image and energy/ I am courteous and respectful to all guests, including children/ I stay in character and play the part/ I go above and beyond) and saying how we could achieve each one. To be honest, it was a bit of a waste of time considering people in the UK would give you seriously odd looks if you used Disney Standard Customer Service over there, and by this point we only had five scheduled shifts left, it was still better than being on register for an extra two hours and was actually a bit of a laugh.

Saturday? Haha, Saturday every single ICP leaving today (with the except of one- and no, that wasn't me) came down with a mysterious illness/ had some personal crisis. Strange coincidence. To solve my personal crisis I laid by the pool/ went to Olive Garden with Heather and Charlotte, went to visit Amy/Kate/etc who were playing beer pong (more like vodka pong) but didn't join in because I'm too good/ was knackered, then went back to Charlotte's, where she, Heather and I decided to test out the coloured hot chocolate she'd bought (pink/purple/blue, with the princesses on the front). Tip: never buy it. Ever. Or if you do, use it for decorative purposes only (the boxes are pretty cute). It tastes like warmed-up-gone-off milk. Yum. Still, was a really nice evening. Despite being in the midst of a personal crisis/ have a severe illness.

Of course on Sunday there was some biteback at work, but, thankfully, all in good humour. One of the product managers, Jim, was convinced we'd all been at a party (the fact that Claire, an English ICP but here until January, had ERed yesterday did not help the situation...) and kept asking us how our heads were/ what had been our drink of choice the night before. Apparently one of the managers had been so convinced that we'd be living it up in Vista that they were just about ready to get in their car and drive over to us to catch us all at it. Oh how I'd've loved it if they had done and found nothing. Mwhaha. Worked 1-11 on GHN (hats & t-shirts) stock, which was alright, but something of a pain in the arse considering all the novelty hats that you have to have a photo in are there, and of course they get seriously messed up. I could've spent my whole night walking around that stand putting everything back in its 'rightful' place. I didn't, because that would not have been fun, but I could have done.

Monday. More work. Only 7-2 though, so I went last minute shopping in Downtown Disney beforehand. Then found out that Ben had kindly obliged to my request and put me in Princess. Yay. Not so yay? I was in Zone 3 on my own. Zone 3 now has a whole wall of High School Musical merchandise. High School Musical is HUGE. Wall got messy. And I was having to get all my own stock as none of the scanners were working, which takes at least half an hour at a time off the shop floor. So I'd be whizzing around upstairs, bringing the stock down, tidying what I could, running around getting the stock out, going back upstairs, etc, etc, for the whole shift. I don't think I've ever worked so hard in my life! But it looked alrihgt in the end, so never mind.

Then yesterday I lay in, before lounging by the pool for a couple of hours, where Amy and Charlotte T joined me. Worked 3:30-2 in Magic (Home goods) which was slow, so I passed the time by spending about 45 minutes at a time getting stock from upstairs. And some slightly-long breaks as well. Oh, and every room seemed to be done by about 1:15 so we ended up going round the store doing the obligatory tourist poses. In costume. They are some super-flattering photos.

And today? It's time to pack before my last day in Disney tomorrow... I actually can't believe how fast it's all come around; it really doesn't seem like long since we all met in the sports bar in Gatwick, no idea of what to expect. And now it's almost all over. 10 weeks gone just like *that*.

That's it, I'm hijacking Cinderella's castle and living there forever. So long as nobody tells immigration it'll be alright, I'm sure. You can all come visit me in my luxury pad and everything... Ace for parties. Pretty good view, I can imagine.

Better go get my bags sorted for it still, though. I don't know if I'll have a chance to update again before I get home as tomorrow's set to be pretty hectic, and then I'm out of here by 11 on Friday so this is most likely it until you get a depressed "I'm home" message on Saturday. So until then

Have a magical day, y'all
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