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Thought I'd show off the last few week's photos for posterity. Here we go:

Our first Starbucks in America! On the i-Ride trolley

Killer Whale? What Killer whale?

Aah, he's a little bigger than that

Polar bears

Amazing chocolate cake.

In Charlotte's world, Manatees fly...

Really they just munch lettuce...


Vista Pool Party

Me & Pierre- his last night

Princess Breakfast

Random Character Photos

Blatantly the best characters I met all summer ^

The Grand Floridian

World Of Disney loving...

After our last night of work- Buffalo's:

Amy, Darren, Charlotte

Jordan, me

Rachel, Amy, Charlotte

Jordan, me, Artan

The roof, Great Hall North

Elliot liked his pirate hat a bit too much

The Minnie Wall. If you're working in Carnival you have to fold these back into shape about 100 times a day. At least.


Map room. Hate.

We are the Disney Dream-Makers

The thought of us leaving was all too much for Claire

Our favourite place- the breakroom

Amy and her Mickey wall

Charlotte loves Minnie

I prefer Mickey and his pillow-like qualities...

note how incredibly flattering those trousers are at the hips...

Phoning to become an official Disney princess...

Never miss a photo op, darling...

Stewart and his favourite folding table

Our Alter-Egos

Chris the Co-Ordinator, who would never make me line-guide. Much love.

Motivation, dudes.

With our good friend Ursula. Spot the Mickey stickers anyone?

Raul, Claire and Rachel. Waiting for F-bus.


Disney University- where you really do get Mickey Mouse degrees

Coloured hot chocolate...

That's how it tasted...

In Florida... when it rains... it pours!

This made me laugh...


Sure I've missed some but these are the best for now. And it gives me a reason to show you my photo album so you can see the rest ;)
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