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The hours spent at Christmas avoiding doing essays and revision were instead spent reliving my Disney years (well, weeks):

I've met up with Rosie, Claire, Charlotte (C, or Crossa) and Danielle since in Liverpooooool (around October time). Spent the night drinking cocktails and dancing away with many tunes making us go 'OMG DISNEY' (Umbrella/ Rockstar/ Beautiful Girls. Nickelback's Rockstar has just come out over here and they play it EVERYWHERE they can. Each time it makes me think of summer and nobody can quite understand why I get so excited every time I hear it. Especially because's it crap. Ditto with The Broomstick Song, which was something Char introduced me to out there so it makes me think of her. I think I've sent her many texts going 'OMG BROOMSTICK' at 2am as a result. I know she loves it).

Anyway, other meet-up news. Amy J's boyfriend lives in Newport, which is about 20 minutes from Cardiff (where I'm at university) so I met up with her at the beginning of February for a quick drink and catch-up. There is way too much to catch up on after six months but we managed a pretty good overview of what's going on in life.

I'm going to Brighton this coming Saturday where Kate, Charlotte C, Rosie, Camilla (HONEY!) and possibly Laura (who left quite early on in the programme) and Amy J will be. I'm very much looking forward to seeing the pier and getting some proper rock! Though I have to trek through London to get home the next day, quite possibly not feeling all too great. But it'll be more than worth it. And the following weekend I shall finally be reunited with my ultimate Disney Dudes (the two I probably miss the most), Charlotte T and Heather, in Portsmouth. We plan to eat ice-cream sundaes and watch Disney DVDs and compare scrapbooks and I can't wait!

As for general life. I'm thoroughly loving my second year in Cardiff. I managed to get a job in the union bars despite never having worked a bar before in my life. I think the main reason is because when they asked what experience I had that would make me suitable for the job, I was able to go 'well over the summer I worked quite a few 11 or 12 hour shifts until 2 in the morning. I was also dealing with tourists who can get... quite upset... if you don't have what they want or need in stock on the last day of the holidays', etc. Good training it was- the arsey drunks do not bother me one bit. Also, not only have I made loads of new friends by working there, but one of these led to meeting my now-boyfriend. Everyone go awww. I think I utterly piss him off with the Disney talk (he doesn't quite understand why I still go teary when I listen to I can Go the Distance or watch the video I took of Wishes. I think he was also a little worried by the massive wall of Disney photos I have facing my bed. But he's grown used to it now.)

I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to do with my life after university. I'd quite like to go back and work for Disney again (I seriously contemplated re-applying for the summer programme, but to work in entertainment or operations instead of merchandise, but decided I couldn't afford it and needed to get some work experience over here instead). I'm considering the year cultural rep programme, and also the year college programme where you can work anywhere. Or maybe six months. But I'd also like to do an MA in Cardiff (probably just English Lit, though the one in the Teaching and Practise of Creative Writing is quite appealing right now. Mainly because I absolutely adore my creative writing module). We'll see how I feel this time next year I suppose.

I got used to drinking alcohol again eventually. Though not drinking for 3 months not only makes you lose about a stone, despite living off pasta, crappy takeaway food and ready meals, but it also gives you a fantastic excuse if wine goes to your head quicker than expected. I had to stop using that excuse roundabout Christmas and accept that I just can't deal with wine very well, but it was fun while it lasted.

My 3-year-old cousin adored the Ariel wedding dress we bought her for Christmas. She also loved going through my scrapbook and naming all the characters and was highly impressed when I told her I got to work and play with them all lots- they were my friends for a summer!

I still Disney point. There are numerous photos of me Disney pointing or grinning goofily (one of which my housemate tagged as 'Amy 'Disney' Feldman'. Go figure). When I first started working at the bars, 'have a nice day' slipped out a fair few times. Luckily people were generally too drunk to notice but it was fairly amusing for me.

I still miss Disney. So many days I wish I was back there, just for a few days. Wish I could see Cinderella's castle again, ride Everest, play with Mickey and Minnie and just wonder round the parks and feel so proud that I helped make those around me's holidays so special. I still feel proud when I see Disney adverts on tv, or Tinkerbell jewellery, or Disney characters on t-shirts. I think I'll always feel like a Disney cast member.

And that's the end of this for a while. I hope you're all good and well.

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