August 1st, 2007

The Little Mermaid

The British Invasion

With the outbreak of the English school holidays (the Scottish ones were earlier, therefore they made up about 50% of my guests in the past two weeks), the English have taken over and familiar accents are everywhere. At the moment, WOD are doing this incredibly annoying thing where you have to ask every single customer where they're visiting from, then hit 'local' or 'visitor' on the MATRA screen, which just makes me feel stupid to be honest as I have no idea where most places in America are and so for the most part I either reply with an 'oh cool' then move swiftly on, or for places I may have heard of I add an 'Oh, I'd love to visit there someday'. But anyway, obviously when it comes to the English I have more of a clue (and look more stupid when my face is obviously blank), but most people are from up North, or the London area, which isn't so exciting.

Anyway, long explanation for the purpose of me having a rant about the local/visitor MATRA buttons cut short, I was line guiding in princess yesterday (my favourite job ever. Ha. Ha) and the next guy in line had a Manchester United shirt on. Having nothing better to do (and of course, because I am comitted to excellent customer service) I say 'I guess you're from England then?' Indicate the shirt.

They were from Blackbird Leys (10 minutes away from me), and he worked at the BMW plant! Woop!

Oh and Amy J served someone the other day who used to live in Portsmouth (where Charlotte T- also at WOD- is at uni/ her namebadge says she lives there), but now live in Oxford. It sounds so silly to get excited about such things, but when you're a long way from home and you get someone who knows about where you live and can talk about your hometown with you then it's all very exciting. Hey, I get happy enough when someone's from Reading, and the other day I met a builder who'd done some work in areas around Oxford.

What else has been happening in the life of Amy... Well, I did an 11 hour shift in Carnival and Snow White stock (the latter is baby clothes, which made me incredibly broody, just so I could buy it all for someone! Guys, take note, never take your girlfriend to Disneyworld if you want to remain childless! There are so many cute little babys here. Many utter brats here, but I try and block them from my memory, and the cute children generally prevail in numbers). Went to TGIs with Kate, Charlotte C and Kate's ex-workmate Camilla, and had my favourite Jack Daniel's steak on Monday, after getting caught in the rain which literally started the moment we walked out of the flat. You know the rain in Vietnam guys? That we saw in the airport and all took videos of? Yeah, that's like 2-3pm every day here. Getting caught in it... not fun. And of course, you can't use a brolly for fear of lightening. The other day it actually struck at Vista, gave us all a power cut for hours and the clubhouse (it struck right outside the front door of it) was out for a couple of days. I have never seen storms like I have here!

Yesterday went to Animal Kingdom with the intention of riding Everest. Somehow let myself get dragged onto Dinosaur again. I fricking hate that ride, it's actually the scariest thing ever. Why animatronic dinosaurs are scary I don't know, but still... Of course, when advertising to the parents (who come on FRIDAY! YAY!) it is 'kinda like Indiana Jones (in California), just with dinosaurs. You know, a bit bumpy...'. They better not be reading this from Washington now... ANYWAY, went to meet Minnie in her Safari outfit, and Goofy (who was ace), had a picture taken infront of the tree of life (which has not come out on my photopass folder, which I'm annoyed about, as it was one I'd possibly ever consider buying. Maybe Heather's has worked...). Anywaaaay, of course by the time our fastpass return window came up for Everest, it decided to have technical difficulties. I have absolutely no luck with that ride. Having to be at work for 4:30, I couldn't be waiting around for it, and the others decided to retire home too. Oh well, at least I have a souveneir fastpass for one of my favourite rides. And it says Cast Member ID at the bottom. Exciting stuff. Something for the scrapbook anyways...

Right, that was a fun way to kill some morning... Slept in until 11 today- 9 WHOLE hours sleep (I got to finish at 1 yesterday, instead of the 2 o'clock shift I've been doing for the past week... don't have to do it again until next Tuesday though, woop!). Back in at 5- 12 later, possibly going to Buffalo afterwards with work personages. Then DAY OFF tomorrow, which is supposedly going to be spent at Mickey's Retreat/ Typhoon Lagoon, but I'm sure the rain predicted by my Firefox weather chart may have a say in that... But then I only have to work 10-4 on Friday (God knows HOW I managed to get a daytime shift! And on the day when I really wanted one as well, as that's the day the parentals get here in the evening) and the family arrive! Yay!

And now I shalt be off.