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Amy's Adventures in Wonderland: An ICP's experience of Disneyworld

Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy

2 April 1988
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This journal is one to chart my journey and adventures as a Walt Disney World Cast Member. On the 24th June 2007 I'll be arriving in Florida to spend 10 weeks as an International Cast Member, working in Merchandise somewhere on the complex. Absolutely cannot wait!

For more info about me, main Journal, or for more Disney-related mumblings then go here!. My main journal's mostly Friend's Only, but leave me a comment and I'm sure I'll add you- I'm not a Friend's Nazi, I just like to know who's reading my ramblings!

Enjoy the adventure!

For more information on the Walt Disney World International Programmes then visit the Unofficial Website, or Disney's own website

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