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Masters of Subtlety- BATB


I am so knackered- I finally understand why everyone is constantly asleep on the buses! Seriously, one day at work and I'm dead!

Admittedly my tiredness could be due to only having six hours sleep (my own fault, really) also. Didn't get home until 1 last night after the fireworks due to their being serious gridlock in Downtown Disney with all the traffic trying to escape, and then our taxi driver didn't know where he was going. Got to love taxi drivers. Anyways, fireworks were pretty good- Downtown Disney was, unsuprisingly, packed, so a pretty good atmosphere with music blasting even louder than usual from PI, so we were all dancing in the streets, etc. Got a mega ice cream from Haagen Dazs (seriously, regular= supersize here I'm sure!) which was goooood, and ate it while watching many red, blue and white fireworks to some uber-patriotic tunes. Felt like I probably shouldn't be there seeing as I'm not at all American, but it was July 4th- we felt we had to experience it one way or another. So yeah, a good night in all.

Today was my first day of till training, except I only did about five transactions. Met my trainer, Jay, who is basically just Grandpa with a Boston accent and mustache/ Dustin Hoffman in Meet the Fockers. Consequently his favourite room is the princess room, so we were in there for most of the day, awwing at all the girls coming out of the Bibbity Bobbity boutique. The first half of the day was spent watching Jay on the register, him explaining policies, etc, as he went along (basically a better version of our merchantainment training if we're honest!). Then, after lunch, we did the pin trading books. Basically over here people are crazy about these Disney 'pins'- badges with anything and everything Disney related on them, which people can either buy or, if they want some new ones, they can swap with other people- either regular guests if they're willing to trade and are displaying their pins on a lanyard, or if they're in a shop where cast members are wearing a lanyard, they can trade any two that aren't on a CM's lanyard for any two they want on it. It's a huge deal to some people, as there are a lot that are supposedly quite rare/valuable, or people start sets (like different coloured monorails) and try to complete it, etc, etc- they go for ridiculous prices on eBay sometimes, apparently. Anyway the point of the story being, that at 2:30 and 6:30 every day, World of Disney does an official pin trading session-type-thing, where a CM takes out a book full of pins and people queue up to look through the book to trade pins either with the pins in the book, or with ones that other people have traded. As Jay seems to be the grand master of the book (and he is damn precious about that book and the way it's laid out, you don't go messing with it!) we spent about an hour fixing up the book so it was good enough to go out, and then about 1 1/2 hours trading pins with people on the shop floor, which was pretty fun. Even if I don't get how people can get so into this pin trading malarky! But I suppose it's a bit like Beanie Babies or Pokemon cards or whatever, only the craze seems to have much more endurance!

So... after that we had another break, and then it was time for us to go onto the tills for a while. The actual till isn't really that hard to use to be honest, it's pretty similar to the one at Smiths. It's just all the stuff you have to remember that gets me- like to ask if they want shipping or have a season or annual pass however much they spend/ over $25 they can use a AAA Diamond club card, over $50 they can use a normal AAA card... there's X and X for X and X dollars if you spend over $70. And to top it all off there's the whole counting back change the Disney way (ie counting backwards, so you give them all the small change first, then the notes and count up to however much they gave you. Very confusing when a) you're not familiar with American money anyway (and keep wanting to say pounds/ pence!) and b) when you're used to just shoving all the change in someone's hand and telling them how much they should have! Of course on top of all of this you need to remember where the twelve rooms are and what should be where... all in the shop that takes 80% of Disney's merchandise revenue, so you can imagine how packed it gets! Basically, it's going to take a while to get used to- I feel my 'earning my ears' sticker will be staying on for quite some time yet!

But yes, after that we did some paperwork with me practically falling asleep on Jay. Had to wait 40 minutes for a bus as usual, got home, shoved some 92 cent lasagne in the oven (not bad for 92 cents, I must say) and now I'm here, ready to go to sleep. Think pretty much everyone's at work/ gone out to fireworks which I am not up for tonight- another 9:30 start/ getting up at 7 tomorrow, so I want a decent amount of sleep tonight so I'm not falling asleep on the job again!

But before I go: some of my favourite questions we've been asked about the UK so far:

A girl in the queue infront of us on Everest: So how long did it take you to drive from England (she thought it was in Canada...)

Girl on our Urban Adventure tour: Do you guys actually have American tv programmes over there?

Girl Amy was training with the other day: So did you hear about 9/11..?

Merchantainment trainer: Oxford! You'll be the intellectual one of us then! (I was expecting that one though...)

On asking the same girl whether she'd heard about 7/7/ explaining, when she hadn't, that it was the transport attacks: Oh, I heard about a bomb on the bus... but that was all... I didn't think it was a big deal though.

Surprisingly no 'do you know the Queen' yet, although everyone does seem to have a British ancestor from around 1582 or so. Oh and I also love how everyone's heard of Oxford, but hardly anyone knows where Cardiff is when I tell them where I'm at uni... Gotta love it. Anyway more quotes to come I'm sure.

Oh and I got my first paycheck today. All $70 of it. Now to find a time to cash it... Should really get onto setting up direct debit... Anyyyway time to leave- night all!