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Magic Kingdom Castle


I knew Florida was hot... but a 34 degree high tomorrow, and a 25 degree low?? I don't think it's ever 25 degrees full stop in the UK! This could be interesting...

This time tomorrow I'll be in Vista Way/ Chatham/ The Treehouses (fingers crossed for Vista!). Ohmygod!
Pirate's Life For Me

3 days to go!

I got another e-mail from Yummy Jobs:

Greetings Amy!

Wow! Finally………the time has almost come for you to get on the plane to Orlando. I bet you thought it would never happen but guess what, your program is officially about to start…. Walt Disney World here we come!

To get you more excited about this opportunity I wanted to tell you a few cool facts about America!

-In America nearly everything has a drive through! Banks, restaurants, pharmacies, and even some convenient stores have a place where you can order, pick up, and pay for everything with out leaving the car!
-No city in Florida is more than 75 miles from either the Gulf of Mexico or the Atlantic Ocean
-Walt Disney World is twice the size of Manhattan Island
-Most places in America deliver! You will be able to order take out with out leaving your apartment.
-Disney Land in California would fit into Disney’s Magic Kingdom car park in Walt Disney World.
-There are more people that go to the Norwegian part of EPCOT, than there are people in Norway.

So we hope you have a Great Time in America and keep in mind: If you take pictures travelling around America or going on excursions, feel free to share them with us. We love sharing stories and pictures! Also, if at any time you get a new email address, please let us know so we are able to keep informing you of all the exciting opportunities!

The whole Yummy Jobs team would like to wish you the most fantastic year at Disney. Remember to wear lots of suntan lotion and sprinkle that Pixie dust!

The Yummy Jobs Team

Fascinating stuff, eh? (Oh and for those of you who may have noticed the whole 'have a fantastic year' thing, I'm not actually secretly buggering off until next year, I'm guessing it's just a generic e-mail they send out to everyone. And seeing as most people are doing the year long programme...)

But yes, only three days to go now! Well, two days, three nights really now!! Woo! Should really get packing, but my God, it's just so much effort. Even if it means it'll get me to Florida. My floor is covered in piles of clothes, but putting them in a suitcase just seems like so much work. I'd take a picture to demonstrate my complete and utter lack of disorganisation but I have no idea where my camera is. Probably under the clothes. Let's hope so anyway.

I feel sorry for my future roomate. I keep forgetting that I'll be sharing a room. I really hope they don't mind mess if I keep it to my side of the bedroom. I can manage that- I do a good line in organised chaos. But if they're freakishly neat I can see cracks appearing. It'll be a learning curve I suppose...

Oh and we've decided on a meeting point for Sunday: The Sports Bar. You'd never guess that we're students, eh!

Bring it on!
Masters of Subtlety- BATB

One week to go!

I am once again back in Oxford, but this time it is for good. I am no longer a resident of Nevern, University Halls. You know, when I got my accomodation offer through I thought I'd be leaving that place as soon as I possibly could. Poor old Nev has a bad reputation due to its beautiful breezeblock interiors and fetching grey brick outside. Infact it looks very much like a prison: 

(The top bedroom's not actually mine... mine has a random layout and shape which made it impossible to take pictures of the whole thing at once!) 

Yet we soon made it feel like home, and it turns out we were put in the best place for a social life ever and to spend your first year of uni EVER- everyone got to know everyone (although it's hard not to when you can hear EXACTLY what the people around you are doing every second of the day. Thank God I was on top floor and not middle is all I can say!) and we just generally had an ace time pissing off the security guards immense amounts. I lie. The GUYS had fun doing that, with eggs and exceptionally loud music as their weapons. Oh Clab, how we'll miss you. Ahem. But yes, can't quite believe that the end of Nevern has now come. My room looked so weird when I left- just completely empty, exactly as I found it. The next person who enters that room- apart from the cleaner- will be some little fresher, also very worried about what the hell will come of them from living such a 'prison'. I hope they enjoy it as much as we did... 

But ANYWAY I felt I needed to mark my WEEK TO GO anniversary- this time next week I'll probably be hanging about at Gatwick somewhere! Exciting! We're currently arranging a meet up for all the people on the flight, think it's been narrowed down to Starbucks/Burger King for location now (although Burger King at 10:30am? Too early for the fumes!!!). Anyway, I hope that all works out, as I don't fancy having to wonder around Gatwick for a couple of hours trying not to be too nervous/excited all on my own... 

Also, I have finally done my last bit of summer clothes shopping. More will be needed to be done while actually there I'm sure, as I bought clothes thinking of summer in general, forgetting the whole need-to-be-practical thing. Don't think white linen trousers will work too well with walking around dusty theme parks and going on water rides all the time somehow! Definitely need a quick trip to Matalan or somewhere for some decent shorts I feel... So actually I haven't done my last bit of shopping at all! I also feel I'll realise I don't have anywhere near enough summery t-shirts (that work in FLORIDA heat, not British...) so I'll probably end up in the malls on my first day off! I'm sure I can handle that...

Still need to get stuff like suncream as well, or I'll be mistaken for Sebastian's "friend" in all the parks... I doubt such a thing is really within the Disney Look either. 

Right anyway, I'm going to stop blabbering on about myself and start doing something productive, like unpacking all my clothes just to sort out which ones I need to repack. Fun times indeed!

'Everything The Light Touches...'

It's getting closer...

I got another e-mail from the Disney folks. Telling me which documents I have to bring and everything (dear God I hope I have them all... knowing me, I chucked them out months ago thinking they were unimportant :/). Not hugely exciting in itself. BUT it was entitled 'You're almost here'. Now that is exciting. 

Oo, and my laptop (which died on me about two weeks ago) will be back with me before I go, as should my camera which is damn good news. 

I really need to get on with organising myself for this thing now. I've just packed up my wardrobe (I'm leaving halls for good on Saturday, and I really don't want to! What makes it even better is that they're kicking us out at 10am the day after teh university ball. Harr) and my summer clothing is thinner on the ground than I originally though. So I suppose I'll just have to go shopping. Shame. 

Anyways, I should be tucked up in bed with some Sex and the City I feel. Aah I love having absolutely no responsibilities or anything that I actually should be doing. Wayhey for Fresher's Week Mark 2!  Which is killing my liver by being even more hedonistic than the first one. Oh well, the summer'll be a three month long detox, which of course gives me grounds to abuse my body as much as I like in the next ten days. 

Christ, still can't believe the 10 days thing! 

But yes, bed with Carrie and crew awaits. Night all!
Pirate's Life For Me


I don't want to learn about Plato and how the World is only a copy of perfection, or Descartes' ideas about brains in vats any more. I want to be in Disney dammit. *Stamps feet* 

Less than three weeks to go. 3 days until I can forget about Philosophy forever. Well, so long as I pass that is. Hoorah.

I am now staring at my icon and drooling in an attempt to procrastinate further. Needless to say I was quite content during the multiple-Depp scenes in the new film. And yay for the super-cool ride reference. I think I may be taking it a bit far with my attempts to put references to it into philosophy essays though. I could so use it as an argument for why our senses can't always be trusted (hallucinations on Jack Sparrow's behalf, y'see)... it's tempting... but I'd rather pass :P 

Back to the grindstone.
Gus the Fashion Diva

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1 month to go! 

Overexcited, me? Well, maybe just a little. Thing is, I just want to think about Disney and spend my time on the Facebook groups talking to other Disney people/ shop for Florida clothes, but I still have two weeks left of exams :( Admittedly after today I only have one left in two weeks time, but this is besides the point. I also have my next kickboxing grading two weeks yesterday. But white doesn't sound nearly as impressive as red... I'm actually really going to miss it when I'm in Florida... Hmm, maybe not, I get the feeling that I won't have much time to miss it... but I may find a class somewhere for those days when I'm not in the parks/ malls/ working/ just too knackered. 

ANYWAY I should really stop putting off my last minute revision...Roger Dodsworth and Translations await...
Mickey Fireworks

Eee! Exciting!

Yummy Jobs sent out an e-mail today with the e-mails of everyone else on the same flight as me (or at least everyone who consented to having their e-mail address shared, but you'd have thought that would be most people, really. Good way to make friends and all!). Anyway, there's at least 20 of us on there, so that could be fun for the other passengers waiting- Disney Mania ahoy (plans at the moment include wearing Mickey Mouse ears to make people think we're some kind  of Disney-worshipping cult. That or just plain weirdos), and super-hyperness will ensue. At the moment I'm sat on the aisle of a row where someone's next to the window, and infront of someone else, and there's a free seat between us so hopefully someone will take that one. That or I may move to a row close to some other people (infront of them, accross the aisle from someone else). Although to be honest I'm really antisocial when travelling. That's my Me Time, with some magazines and films. Although hyperness of Disney may mean that the flight's another matter entirely..! I wonder if they have inter-seat tetris a-la Malaysian Airlines. Fun times...

Also, I think one of the people in my interview group is on the flight. She was in the other pair, interviewed by the older Disney woman though, while I was interviewed by Kim, but I'm pretty sure it's her. I'm going to feel a fool if not though, as I've basically insinuated that she has an identical twin if it's not her now... 

Aaanyway, the people I've spoken to on the flight all seem really lovely (as much as you can tell over Facebook) so it should be a good eight hours, and hopefully I'll end up in a flat with some of the people too, which would be good as they wouldn't be TOTAL strangers! 

But yeah, speaking to people who I will DEFINITELY be meeting at some point has made me really excited now. Just can't wait to get there now. It's only five weeks away mind. That really isn't long at all! Shame there's exams for another three weeks out of the five, but still... *SQUEE!*

'Everything The Light Touches...'

50 days to go!

50 days... not much at all; 50 days before now was (I think) the 16th March, which really doesn't seem as though it was  that long ago. I could tell you exactly what happened that week (it wasn't the best of times). The seven weeks since then (Mother's Day/ two weeks before Easter) have gone insanely fast (especially the three when I wasn't at uni... funny that...), which, hopefully is a sign of things to come in the next seven. Probably not though, seeing as the next five weeks involve revision, exam, revision, revision, exam, revision, exam, yet more revision, and my final exam on the 7th June. Which also marks The End of Philosophy. Oh how I cannot wait! Another thing I cannot wait for: my amzing friend, Katherine, is returning to merry ole England (for a visit, anyway), where she truly belongs, I feel.  (she moved to Calgary, Canada last year)! And in exactly three weeks time I shall be seeing her (hopefully , anyway) Needless to say I am very excited! This is also the release of POTC3, which is definitely the cause for even more excitement!

Anyway, there's not too much else to report. Although I do now have my Visa stuck into my passport. It's rather exciting and, I hate to say it, a much more interesting visa that the Vietnam one. Although the Vietnamese embassy wins for letting you do the whole thing by post. I am also currently debating whether to book myself a seat on the flight over or not, as STA may have prebooked us seats altogether, but then they may not have and I could book myself a seat next to someone else from WDWIP ensuring there was definitely someone to sit next to and be excited with. Decisions decisions. Also, way back: aisle or window? The window means you get something to lean on when attempting to sleep, and nobody climbing over you to get to the toilet. Aisle, on the other hand, means not having to climb over sleeping bodies to get to the toilet/ enable you to walk around, but I hate the feeling of being exposed, and people would be climbing over me instead. It's a tough choice, I tell you. 

Talking of flights, got an e-mail from Alexis at Yummy Jobs the other day, asking if I'd like a list of e-mail addresses for the other people on my flight, which I should get sometime next week. Quite exciting and also a nice idea, me thinks :) So hopefully will get to know even more people, any maybe arrange somewhere to meet up before or after check-in as well, as two hours alone in Gatwick isn't the best prospect in the world, really. But all of this has made the whole experience feel that little bit more real :)

OK, I am going to stop procrastinating and am going to force myself to revise some critical discourse shiz. Fascinating stuff. Oh how I can't wait for the next two years of pure English Literature bliss... Geek? Me? As if!

And I'm off...


The Little Mermaid

Closer and closer!

Visa appointment booked for Tuesday 17th April, 12:30. Anyone fancy a road trip to London? 

So anyway, another $100 dollars gone! This programme does actually cost you more than you earn! But as I keep reminding myself, I'm not going for the money, I'm going because it's a summer working for the Mouse in the happiest place on Earth! But still... $100... £60 that could've been spent on... erm... clothes or alcohol... Probably the only thing it would have gone on if we're perfectly honest but never mind! 

So, now to look into trains and make sure I don't lose the millions of forms I have to take down with me. And the hunt for a book that will be interesting for 3-4 hours must begin also- no electronic equipment (including iPods! Because apparently you can fit a bomb or some other sort of devastating equipment inside my clapped out mini Ipod! I think not...) allowed inside the embassy building. I could, of course, read my course books and write one of the many essays I have been putting off. But of course, that would be sensible and therefore will not happen!

So yeah, not much else to update on. Getting more excited by the day though... only 79 left until I leave now!! And plenty of stuff to be getting on with in the meantime- two more weeks left of Easter, then two weeks of lectures. revision week... 4 weeks of potential exams (mine are most likely to be in the first two, which would be ace as then I'd have two weeks to do absolutely bugger all! Three infact... And Katherine is here during that time, so would involve much visiting her and other universities!)... Summer Ball on the 15th June (The Feeling are playing! Other acts not announced, I don't think... But rumours of The Fratellis and Girls Aloud. While the latter would be huge amounts of fun, I do doubt that they'll get them to play Cardiff Uni summer ball, when we're paying about the same for the entire ball as what a concert ticket must now cost for them...). And then just a week before I bugger off to Orlando! Very exciting!

But that's enough babbling for now. I'll go occupy myself with spamming the WDWIP forums instead, which I swear must be bad for my health!