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I got my last ever schedule today... What's more, it's not even TOO bad:
Sunday: 1-11 (potential for HOB-ness, woohoo!)
Monday: 7-2 (my favourite, plenty of time to take photos of the place!)
Tuesday: 3:30-2 (not so good, but my last chance to go round taking photos..!)
Wednesday: 6:30- 00:30 (would rather be there until 2 if everyone else is, but I'm not going to complain about a 6 hour shift!)

All on stock except Wednesday too, which means I can take advantage of the length of my breaks/ go around taking photos. Might ask to be switched to stock on Wednesday too... surely they should grant me my last wish seeing as it's the year of a million dreams and all ;)

On the downside, work is really weird at the moment. All the American CPs and some Mexicans left a week ago, and Wednesday was the last day for a lot of the ICPs, including Pierre, who was one of the people who made work just... fun. Always joking around and stuff. Work is so weird without them all- it's only the Canadians, the Spring Advantage ICPs and the people who started at the same time as us left now... Even weirder is that a load of new CPs were shipped in literally a couple of days after the old lot left, and they'll all start their training this week. So next week when they're all on their own is going to feel so odd, as it'll be like there's this whole new lot of people just starting their adventure as we finish ours... I can imagine it being a little like we're not supposed to be their any more. Meh. Still, only nine scheduled days left of work. Can't quite believe it. Much like I often still can't believe I'm actually here. Like today, when Vicki sent round a thing about meeting up for Vietnam I both thought a) if they arrange that for two weeks time I could actually go, and b) if I can't go... it's because I'm in Florida. And everyone else is at home. How exactly did I manage that?

Life update-wise, most of last week was spent sunbathing by the pool due to early starts (and late finishes) at work. Wednesday, however= Seaworld with Charlotte T, which was ace. Saw all the animals and rode Kraken, which was ace. Came home and it was a quick change before going round to Kate & Amy's for some High School Musical Uno-themed drinking games (yes, alcohol-involved. SHOCK!). I may or may not have been forced to eat bread before even leaving the house (this is what lack of alcohol + humidity does to you, folks. No tolerance whatsoever any more!). So then us two, Rosie, Charlotte C, Camilla and I went off on the Vista Party Bus to Makos. With a Midgit. Who poured drinks down our throats (they didn't care for the 21+ drinking rule much) and made Char & Amy do body shots off of one another. Stewart (work Stewart) was also on the bus, also rather red-in-the-face from alcohol! Anyways, got to Makos, which was sleazy as ever. The girls were wearing even less this time- their tops were actually painted on. I didn't notice this for a while, either, which either shows that whoever was doing the painting was rather talented, or I was just that far gone. I'm going for the latter. Had our night fuelled mostly by some corporate businessman in the "vip" (tiny circle at the top of the balcony- perfect meat-market spot...) section of the club, who just kept buying massive jugs of vodka and cranberry juice and letting us loose on them (and the one of the Makos girls made him buy me & Rosie a shot before we disappeared about 10 seconds later. Ha!). To be fair, that was probably quite a stupid thing to do but it made for a fun night all the same. Oh and I got a little bit close with a Charlie from Busted lookalike (with less eyebrows). Fun times...

Thursday was spent sleeping/recovering/laying by the pool, until it was time to wonder on down to the pool party to welcome new CPs. Except for us it was more time to say goodbye to the people leaving the next day, which was horrible. All these people celebrating, and there's us all like 'I'm never going to see you again'. Bleh. Still, there was free pizza, drinks and cookies so it wasn't all bad. We (Rosie, Danielle, Charlotte C and I) then went to Magic Kingdom to eat ice cream, see Wishes and then go on all the kiddie rides in Fantasyland such as Snow White's Scary Adventures, Winnie The Pooh, It's A Small World (naturlich) and the teacups, which were nauseating (I can't spell...) So a fun night all round, really.

Friday= Went to Magic Kingdom with Charlotte C to meet Ariel and do some shopping in the morning. Came back for about 1, then did my favourite 3:30-2 shift, which actually went reasonably fast. I don't know why, but work never seems to drag too much any more. Now I've said that, you can guarantee that today will go by slow as anything.

Saturday. Went to Norway for a Princess Breakfast which was ACE; met Belle, Aurora, Snow White, Ariel (in the dress she wears when she has that first dinner with Eric/his Dad, or I think that's the point we decided it appears) and Jasmine. The food wasn't half bad either- fruit and pastries and SCRAMBLED EGG, SAUSAGE AND BACON! Not proper bacon, unfortunately, but it was still PROPER ENGLISH BREAKFAST FOOD. I was quite excited, and I don't think being in the prescence of princesses helped. Of course all this excitement made me a little ill, so I couldn't go to work yesterday. A shame. Instead I ended up going to Typhoon Lagoon. Heather was actually off so she got us in for half price. We don't get into the water parks for free- utter cheek. Of course as divine retribution for mine and Charlotte's phoning in, naturally she hurt her foot (really badly) as soon as we entered the wave pool. So we last about 2 hours there before coming home. Was knackered so gave Beaches & Cream/Kitchen Sink a miss and ate pizza with the flat girlies instead. It was good pizza. Watched Girls of the Playboy Mansion and was very glad that I'd phoned in. Woo!

Today I work 1-11:30 on stock and reg. Can't wait...

But still, the feeling of wanting to go home and being done with the whole work thing is gone now. I really don't want to leave- I'm going to be so sad when I have to say goodbye to everyone here. Not that I don't want to see everyone at home, but being here for ten weeks was just like a uni term, without the option of going home for a night or two if you were upset, or tired, or just felt like you wanted to. As a result, you end up just getting so close to all the people you're here with... I can't believe that in a few weeks we all have to go our separate ways, meeting up for reunions (hopefully) now and again, but otherwise that'll be it. It's so sad. Basically my attitude at the moment is 'excited to be going, sad to be leaving'.

Still, there's a whole two weeks to go, so that's not worth thinking about quite yet, and plenty lined up that I have to do in that time. And now I should probably start getting ready for work (we all know this means I'm going to potter around on Facebook for another hour though).

More updates to come soon I'm sure.
Alice in Wonderland

Escape from the Disney Bubble!

Once again it's been a bit of a busy week over in Florida, so no time for some good updates! I'm sure you're all dying for some reading material now Harry Potter has been and gone (HOW good?! And I managed to read it by yesterday afternoon, despite evil work getting in the way of usual one-day marathon, so I was quite pleased. Was expecting it to take a week or so to find some time to finish it off, which would be so wrong and there's no way you can avoid spoilers for that long!)... So here you go:

Tuesday: Evil 3:30- 2 shift at work. Even worse- they put me in Bird (men's) doing stock. Men's is the most boring place to work in the entire shop, because you get very few Brazilian tour groups/ kids in there so it stays tidy. Plus it's menswear, so there's nothing interesting to look at. Even better, I was working with someone who was definitely not Disney Happy! At one point I was folding, and had the t-shirts folded the same way as they were on the display- I hadn't completely finished yet and was talking to some guests, when she came up behind, picked up the t-shirts, dumped them in the folding box and was like 'That's NOT how you fold. I'm going to have to teach you how to fold' and then walked off again, to which the guests were just like 'errrrm, nice!'. They then asked her a question, which she gave a really blunt, rude reply to, and later heard her go 'right, I'll teach you how to fold', to which one half of the couple said, quite loudly, said "She's so MEAN! She scares me!" To which we shared a half smile, and the woman looked less than impressed. She continued to be a bitch for most of the rest of the evening, but then right at the end we were in the lift and she was like 'you did a good job today'... so at least she KNEW she was being a cow. But still... Anyway, luckily I got pulled to princess for the end of the evening as they kept pulling people from stock for register which left Zone 3 a tip, so a) I got to escape The Bitch, and b) I had something to do as princess was like a bombsite! Felt quite bad though as I left the guy I was working with (and thus laughing about The Bitch with, as there's not a lot else you could do!) alone with Her, but what can you do... Oh well, at least people like that are few and far between at the shop...

Anyway, finished at 2, got a taxi back with Amy J because we could not be arsed to wait until 2:40 for a bus, and flopped into bed.

Wednesday: 1-7 shift. Was on stock in GHS- woman's clothing- which I just loved (or not...). Was absolutely knackered today, it being my 9th day of working in a row, and kept feeling my knees bucking under me! So I was quite glad when people said they were coming home from MGM early because if they hadn't I know I'd've gone and over-exerted myself to extremes because I'm an idiot! Then the plan changed and Amy J, Charlotte C, Kate and myself decided to check out Downtown Orlando. Ended up in a slightly dodgy but fun bar- Makos (I think)- where the barstaff wore very little and people did shots off one another on the stage, and poured shots down people's throats/ encouraged them to drink off bars. A little bit like Coyote Ugly then really! So yeah, was good to get out of Disneyness for a while and just have a proper girly night out with muchos banter.

Thursday: BEACH! Set off for Cocoa Beach with Amy J, Charlottes C and I, and Stuart (from work. Sir-name McClean, by the way, Mike) at about 11ish, stopping off at Denny's on the way for some munch. Was a bit of a mission to find the beach we were supposed to be on as Jordan- in another car- seemed to be up and down the road like a yoyo. Eventually we just decided we wanted to get onto the beach, so parked and set up pitch, to which he told us he wasn't that far away and was in the direction of Denny's. So of course we walked down that way for a couple of miles (!) couldn't see them, gave up, and got a phonecall saying they were going to a bar (it was raining, but sod it, it's a beach... with a sea... we were going in!) so they'd meet us later...

The bar was where we parked the car, dammit :P

Still, muchos fun was had jumping in and out of the waves and just being kiddish again in the sea. And again, nothing to do with Disney. I think after eight days of work I just needed to get out of the Bubble, and a trip to the beach was the perfect solution really.

Oh, and did I mention they gave me the overnight shift off because of the stupid 15-day-week thing? Which gave me two (yes, TWO!) whole days off! Super excitement!

Anyway, after the beach I went home, showered, did the general shake all the sand off thing then went to see Harry Potter with Charlotte I, which I was actually pleasantly suprised by- fairly true to the book, and quite well done as well. Fell asleep at one point due to my somewhat disturbed night after Downtown Orlando (I blame red bull...), but still! Went home after and collapsed into bed!

Which brings me to Friday which meant... SHOPPING! At Florida Mall! Went with Amy D (flatmate) and her friend, Louise, and it turns out Amy and I are shopping soulmates- we have really similar taste in clothes, which meant we were attracted to all of the same shops, and we also both do the whole spending-ages-in-changing-rooms thing! Spent a fair amount of money ($200 or so, but that's including taxi and food), but when you convert that back to pounds and look at home much I bought (four tops, a really, really cute dress/top, Benefit makeup (it's the same in dollars as it is in pounds, and thus equates to the same price as Maybelline back home. How could I not?!?!) and a pair of jeans, I think that's actually rather impressive. But yes, was an excellent day. Got home, and then went to see Harry Potter again, as Charlotte T was meant to come on Thursday with other Charlotte and I, but because we were later back from the beach than we expected, she wouldn't have been able to make it because of the overnight shift, so I said I'd come again with her today as I didn't know if she had anyone else to go with. Maebh and Amy J also ended up coming along, but still the film is rather good, and I saw the bit I'd missed before, so all good!

Went to Wal*Mart afterwards, as Amy still had the car (God I wish we had a car here all the time... so convenient!), did my weekly shop then went home and slept!

Saturday... HP day! Got up early and went to wait in Downtown Disney for Virgin to open with many other people. Got my copy and it was straight back home on the bus to get started! Read for most of the day until worktime, where I continued to read in breaks because I'm cool. Work was 4:30-11:30 on registers, which wasn't too bad, except they felt the need to put me as line guide for GHN for two hours, when there were no lines to guide, so I spent my time telling people that yes, you can buy ponchos at all the tills. I mean reigsters. Nobody seems to understand tills, dammit, and it's the one word I haven't gotten myself saying automatically yet. That and I still say [x] past the hour, which people eventually get but not without some thought. Ghey. Still, went reasonably quickly so ho hum.

Sunday: Read some HP, went to Cici's for lunch with Heather and Charlotte T, which is a pizza/pasta/salad/dessert buffet (really nice food as well- prefer it to pizza hut's buffet anyway) for, like $6 (plus CM discount, woop!). Came home, finished off HP by the pool, then went to work for a lovely 6:30-12:30 shift which was OK, but seemed to drag a little. Had a mile long line of a Brazilian tour group though- it actually took me about an hour to get through them all, which makes time go quicker, but it also makes you exhausted as they don't understand English, chop and change their minds about what they want at the register, don't understand that you have to be the cardholder to use a credit card (I'm going by the book, ta!), that there's a line, that it's not particularly practical for six people to take up a fairly small counter at once, that it's really not helpful to sit in the middle of a walkway, and even less so to leave you food/drink/unwanted products all over the floor, etc, etc. Anyone who's worked in a customer service position in Disney will understand :P Basically, I'm slightly prejudiced against Brazilian tour groups now! Disney must practically live off them, though, they buy so much! Anyway, got out at 12:30 and because it's a Sunday, so all the lucky free people get to go to House of Blues, there was a bus waiting when I got out so it was to home and then bed.

Monday: Said I'd go with Charlotte T to cash cheques at Disney Uni (really needed to do that, I had $330-odd sitting around in cheques). Such a weird/cool banking system- the cashier talks to you through a tv screen rather than just through a plain old piece of glass. And my stupidty has reared it's ugly head- he asked me to put a thumbprint on each of my cheques to verify my identity. Thinking it was just a special piece of paper, I pressed my thumb down on each of them and was about to send them when Charlotte pointed out the inkpad beside me... Classic Blonde Moment! Still I got my money, and promptly spent it on a College Programme hoody in Company D (yeah, I know I'm not technically on the college programme, but the international programme merchandise was crap and the hoody is so soft and fluffy. I'm wearing it now seeing as our apartment for some reason was on the coldest AC setting which is coooold. And yesterday for some reason it was on the highest- someone in this flat has weird body temperature!

So, work 7-2 tonight, which could be worse (could be better), and again tomorrow. Going to Epcot tomorrow for a few hours which should be cool. Not sure about the rest of the week, apart from that Thursday= social security (ie 4-6 hours on a bus... can't wait!... but we're leaving at around 8, so hopefully will be back at a reasonable hour ready for me to utilise my own day off that week!). Off to the pool in a bit, so until next time I shall leave you with... More photos!

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