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'Everything The Light Touches...'

It's getting closer...

I got another e-mail from the Disney folks. Telling me which documents I have to bring and everything (dear God I hope I have them all... knowing me, I chucked them out months ago thinking they were unimportant :/). Not hugely exciting in itself. BUT it was entitled 'You're almost here'. Now that is exciting. 

Oo, and my laptop (which died on me about two weeks ago) will be back with me before I go, as should my camera which is damn good news. 

I really need to get on with organising myself for this thing now. I've just packed up my wardrobe (I'm leaving halls for good on Saturday, and I really don't want to! What makes it even better is that they're kicking us out at 10am the day after teh university ball. Harr) and my summer clothing is thinner on the ground than I originally though. So I suppose I'll just have to go shopping. Shame. 

Anyways, I should be tucked up in bed with some Sex and the City I feel. Aah I love having absolutely no responsibilities or anything that I actually should be doing. Wayhey for Fresher's Week Mark 2!  Which is killing my liver by being even more hedonistic than the first one. Oh well, the summer'll be a three month long detox, which of course gives me grounds to abuse my body as much as I like in the next ten days. 

Christ, still can't believe the 10 days thing! 

But yes, bed with Carrie and crew awaits. Night all!