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More training...

Yesterday was what will, I'm sure, be remembered as the most fascinating day of my Disney life. Or not. Basically, after getting the 7:15 bus due to fears of not knowing where to go, it soon transpired that it drops you off right outside the Cast Services building and I could have had an extra hour in bed. But oh well. I spent the next hour talking to a girl from Macedonia, Taci (pronounced Tat-si, I think...) and being amused by the way that CNN were reporting the car bomb in London: "OMG! Like, London has had a terrorist threat... So, like, we might be in danger over here! OMG!" For about an hour. I shouldn't laugh, really, but it was quite amusing.

Anyway, eventually 9 rolled around, and we met with the people who were sensible and 'risked' the 8:15 bus before heading up to costuming, where we were met by our trainer-person and someone who was going to present us with the joys that are our 'costumes'. Not uniforms, guys, they are costumes.

The costuming room is so cool! Rails and rails of the different shop outfits, with examples of how they should be worn hanging above them. I really want to get a shift in the Christmas shop or Candy Cauldron one time, purely to wear their cute outfits! The rest are more just funny colours, like Goofy's Candy Company with its fetching bright orange shirt and blue trousers. Sexy.

The bad thing about costuming- if you're body conscious already, Disney sizes do not help. After being scrutinised by the costuming person, I was handed a small shirt (fair enough...) and... size 16 trousers (a UK size 20). Those ones were absolutely MASSIVE, but I still ended up with a size 14 (UK18) (I'm normally a UK12/US8...) (they're still a tiny bit too big- I can manage to pull them down from under my boobs- where they're supposed to sit- to just above my hips, which means they're not hanging above the ankles quite so badly. Still, they are about the most unsexy thing I've worn in my life! What makes it even more unjust is that the guys' trousers are actually alright- they basically fit like chinos. Meh!).

So after some palava trying to find the right sizes and bagging the only pair of trousers left in my size (which means I'm screwed if I get them dirty as costuming isn't open until Tuesday after today, which is when I start my On the Job training and need to wear the sexy uniform for...) we were taken down to the computer labs, where we basically spent 2-3 hours watching fascinating films about how to read chemical labels, robots telling us that in Disney, the longer you've worked there the higher your st-ah-tus, therefore the better your schedule. ie. you are an ICP therefore you WILL get the hours nobody else wants... OK I was expecting that anyway, but I love how blunt they make it!

So after that brilliant few hours we caught the bus back to Vista where we planned to go and sunbathe, but then it decided to piss it down, so Charlotte C and I went to Wal*Mart instead with Laura, Kate and Amy J and I bought PROPER FOOD (ie chicken, VEGETABLES!! (vegetables don't exist on American menus except in salad form, I swear) oh... and some ready meals for those days when I know I won't be in the mood to cook... 92 cent ready meals. I'm intrigued as to what they'll taste like! Probably carboard...) and a load of stuff for the flat like binbags, dishwasher powder, etc, etc. Oo and Amy and Kate got a tv for their flat, so I think we may well be round their's a LOT from now on! $54 for a tv-video combo, always good!

So after getting home and the whole palava of having to borrow carts- like granny carts- to drag all our stuff back to our apartments (except they don't stear properly, so watching Charlotte try and drag this thing bag was rather amusing!) Charlotte went to the pool to sunbathe and I had some alone time just to read and Facebook- the first time I've been properly alone in the flat, or just alone, since we got here, so that was nice.

We then headed to Kate and Amy's for some PIZZA, with Charlotte I, Rosie and Laura. My first proper junk food since I've been here and it was gooood! I swear pizza tastes better over here. All four of them..! Pigging out while watching tv (Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, a fantastic piece of cinema) is so kind of... familiar... it just makes you feel like you're back at home- basically like another term of university. But in Florida with the theme parks on your doorstep, and free cable. Oh and that whole having to work thingy...

Anyway, came home after that and ended up crazy dancing to some random songs Charlotte has on her mp3 player- the broomstick song or something- apparently it's a Liverpool thing! That suddenly woke me up (the film sent me to sleep somewhat..!) and we ended up staying up chatting until about midnight, Emily coming in at about 11 and joining us. And then it was bedtime- funfunfun!

So what's the plan for today? I have a Merchentertainment class at 1:30-5 or so (Merchandise + Entertainment= Merchentertainment, y'see) which I've been told involves even more video watching (yay...) and then Amy J and I are meeting the others in Magic Kingdom I think, as she hasn't been to any of the parks yet because the Traditions people were harsh and sent her home because she had slightly visible roots, so she'd had to get that dyed and do an 8-hour version of Traditions on Thursday. Disney can be so mean... :( So more of the mountains and a visit to Fantasyland are in order I feel! Anyway, on that note I shall be off as my stomach is growling at me..! Update soon I'm sure.