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Pirate's Life For Me


I don't want to learn about Plato and how the World is only a copy of perfection, or Descartes' ideas about brains in vats any more. I want to be in Disney dammit. *Stamps feet* 

Less than three weeks to go. 3 days until I can forget about Philosophy forever. Well, so long as I pass that is. Hoorah.

I am now staring at my icon and drooling in an attempt to procrastinate further. Needless to say I was quite content during the multiple-Depp scenes in the new film. And yay for the super-cool ride reference. I think I may be taking it a bit far with my attempts to put references to it into philosophy essays though. I could so use it as an argument for why our senses can't always be trusted (hallucinations on Jack Sparrow's behalf, y'see)... it's tempting... but I'd rather pass :P 

Back to the grindstone.