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Bloody CPs, leaving us last week. The schedulers have now lumbered us with beasts of schedules. My outlook for the next two weeks:

Sunday 12th: 13-23 (stock/ reg)
Monday 13th: 18.30- 2 (reg)
Tuesday 14th: 19 -2 (stock)
Wednesday 15th: OFF
Thursday 16th: OFF
Friday 17th: 16.30- 02.00 (reg)
Saturday 18th: 13-23.30 (stock/reg)
Sunday 19th: 13-23.30 (Stock/reg)
Monday 20th: 23.30- 09.00 (Heart of House. ie Inventory)
Tuesday 21st: 19- 02.00 (stock) Um. Nice.
Wednesday 22nd: OFF
Thursday 23rd: OFF
Friday 24th: 15.30- 02.00 (basics training/ reg)
Saturday 25th: 13.00- 00.00 (stock/ reg)

Question: Why do they feel the need to give me some Basics Training literally a week before I leave? After that day I'll have five days left. Worthwhile, eh..!

I think I feel a severe illness coming on...
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